Different models of technical felts
for various applications

Technifeutre Technivilt produces different pieces in technical felt coming from natural fibers ou synthetic ones, adhesives of not. These technical articles are used in several industrial firms. Our work is systematically a custom-made product with a cutting of high precision.

Our different models of technical felt

We offer you :

  • Wool felts : Seals, sleeves, etc. (adhesives or not);
  • Synthetic felts (needled) made of polyester fibre, polypropylene, Kevlar, Meta-aramid, etc.

Various areas of application

The technical felt is particularly used in sectors such as:

  • Steel industry (lubrication, degreaser, felt presses for slitting, etc.) ;
  • Production of glass (protection, storage, polishing, etc.) ;
  • Rail and aeronautics (padding, technical parts, insulation, etc.) ;
  • Pharmaceutical production ;
  • Oxygen therapy (filters for various devices and concentrators) ;
  • etc.

Our other types of felts

We also propose decorative felts for wall covering. These felts are particularly requested in design areas and in development of workplace, as partition and acoustics walls.


Should you have any question or request concerning our offer in professional felt, don’t hesitate to contact us! We stay at your disposal by phone or via the contact form on this site.